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These durable kitchen, bathroom, or other light duty cleaning cloths strike the perfect balance between functionality, health, and ecological sustainability. As a blend of cotton and cellulose fibre (in the original Swedish patented 30/70 ratio), they're neither a cloth, nor a sponge, nor a paper towel, but combine some of the best aspects of each without their major drawbacks, as explained below.

The material of these dry 'sponge cloths' is extremely absorbent, so they can wipe up spills like a sponge or paper towel, but without leaving major streaking, as sponges do, and without falling apart in the process as paper towels do, and with the ability to scrub a little at the same time without scratching the surface. And like conventional dishcloths, they can be used repeatedly before needing to be discarded and can be machine washed in hot water or can even be boiled for disinfecting, if you're somewhere without a machine, like on a boat or at the cabin. They don't accumulate as much bacteria in-between uses over the course of a few days, since they dry very quickly. And rest assured, they are fully biodegradable, so can even be placed in your own compost heap when they are done.

They come here in sets of three, with three different solid colours (such as yellow, grey, orange, pink, and off-white) in each set, with each dishcloth having a circle or sports balls motif pattern on one side, and an embossed diamond pattern on the back.


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