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Manufactured in Sweden, using the original design from the 1950s. Hinza bags take quality, environment and working conditions into careful consideration. The factory has environmental as well as quality management certification according to ISO - 9001 and ISO - 14001 standards. Situated in close proximity to the factory, Hinza has excellent control over materials and production, and transportation distances are short. 

All Hinza bags are long-lasting, durable and recyclable, thus saving additional natural resources and minimising any environmental impact. The Green Plastic version of the Hinza bag is even more eco-friendly as the plastic is made from sugar cane, a renewable raw material.

  • Smart storage at home, in the office or in the garden
  • Colourful interior detail
  • Made of recyclable polyethene plastic
  • Manufactured in Hillestorp, Småland
  • Large bag holds 15 litres and small 7.5 litres


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